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"I’m so grateful for this conference, I’m just so grateful! I’ve never been in a place like this of complete freedom, freedom not to be ok. And as well, not to have anyone we’re looking after-no children to take care of and nobody that we’re training up spiritually. A place where we can actually grow spiritually ourselves and to have space to rest! I’m so blessed to have gone through conviction to repentance and more freedom. And I just want to thank you all for your kindness and openness to share your brokenness with us, so we know we’re ok to say, yes, I’m broken too! I’m so, so grateful. Thank you so much for this! "

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God has called us to minister to missionary women around the world for the purpose of helping missionaries/missionary families stay on the field of service to which God has called them.



Our people group is missionary women serving overseas outside of their country of origin.



We connect local women to missionary women around

the world through overseas conferences. Our strategies include praying, gifting, giving, going, online counseling, overseas conferences, and a weekly blog.



This ministry is supported by individuals and partnering churches who give generously to support

Pure Joy International.

Just $600-700 allows one missionary woman to attend a Pure Joy overseas conference.


Sponsoring a missionary and helping fund this ministry enables Pure Joy to travel and encourage missionary women all around the world.


Connect to Pure Joy through the Blog, our mailing list, or by e-mail.

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Opportunities for you To Go, To Give, and

To Get Connected to women serving overseas.

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